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Without New Growth Process is Bloodshed

by Astrakhan

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Ioannis Valiakos
Ioannis Valiakos thumbnail
Ioannis Valiakos Glorious moments in this album, with influences that range all the way from Karnivool, Tool to Rishloo! Few listens already but it's clear that the album will take many more of those to properly experience the sonic landscapes that it creates. Very happy to have discovered this band! Favorite track: A Change Begins.
The Midnight Toker.
The Midnight Toker. thumbnail
The Midnight Toker. Some kind of Psych metal amalgamation, it reminds me of the Aussie band Karnivool.
Can This Even Be Called Music?
Can This Even Be Called Music? thumbnail
Can This Even Be Called Music? The songs are addictive and well-structured, the riffs are fuzzy enough and just plow through without ever looking back, and the vocals are such a perfect fit for the band, it’s almost incredible!
Review: wp.me/p3mIfa-o8n
Tschn thumbnail
Tschn wow, this is seriously amazing. my favourite album in a while. would be great to see a vinyl release, this one deserves to be more than digital. Favorite track: Heaving Receiver.
sofaking thumbnail
sofaking Another great album! Sad to hear it will be the last one however.
Calen Henry
Calen Henry thumbnail
Calen Henry Sounds like Protest the Hero meets Tool meets early/mid period Mastodon riffs mixed with mid/late period Mastodon solos. Yes please!
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Porous ​this ​unborn ​son Weightless Fettered ​and ​tender Almost ​out Out ​of ​this ​broken ​mouth Light ​and ​cloud Heaving ​receiver, ​pull ​me ​out Now ​splayed, ​I ​bathe ​in ​wake ​I’ve ​made Once ​clear ​now ​thick ​with ​filth Opaque, ​drop ​of ​hours ​toiled ​falls Through ​unending ​, ​unknowing ​void No ​fate, ​to ​splash ​or ​make ​a ​sound Or ​make ​a ​mark ​on ​barren ​worlds All ​dust ​collected ​and ​hid ​in ​hairs To ​pollinate ​another ​place All ​viral ​speech ​of ​vanity Now ​blisters ​in ​my ​ears Now ​splayed, ​I ​bathe ​in ​the ​wake ​I’ve ​made Now ​thick ​with ​filth Opaque, ​drops ​of ​hours ​toiled ​falls Now ​watch ​me ​fall All ​complaints ​of ​blistered ​ears Are ​passed ​on ​to ​another And ​all ​of ​us ​perpetuate Through ​hate-speak ​pregnant ​mother Now ​splayed, ​I ​bathe ​in ​the ​wake ​I’ve ​made Now ​thick ​with ​filth Opaque, ​drops ​of ​hours ​toiled ​falls Porous ​this ​unborn ​son Almost ​out
Dominion 05:24
Burst ​of ​first ​earth Push ​to ​surface Break ​through ​plasma Break ​this ​union’s ​hold Toxic ​will ​be ​done Alive And ​a ​song ​bird ​calls ​me While ​you ​hold ​her ​down Show ​me ​control Show ​me ​to ​teach ​me My ​power ​over ​life And ​though I’ve ​taken ​much I ​have ​given ​it ​all In ​the ​hopes ​you ​learn ​yet ​to ​survive Beyond ​reproach To ​spite ​the ​gods To ​grant ​yourself This ​power ​over ​life Small ​hands, ​with ​mighty ​force ​behind My ​choice ​to ​feed, ​or ​let ​you ​wilt ​and ​dry In ​savage ​simplicity The ​leech ​dies ​the ​host ​lives Toxic ​will ​be ​done
White ​owl steel ​key old ​growth ​on ​trees I ​am ​lost Again ​confined ​by ​vines ​that ​smother ​life To ​carry ​theirs And ​through ​the ​door Young ​eyes ​will ​feast ​on ​jungles ​with ​no ​name Index ​out To ​point ​and ​make A ​guttural ​claim To ​who ​is ​green A ​leaf’s ​a ​leaf ​in ​colour ​and ​in ​name Coarse ​and ​cold This ​life ​ruled ​now ​by ​tongues Cutting ​my ​teeth ​on ​the ​words Sick ​sweet ​copper ​taste Out ​of ​the ​fold Must ​have ​wandered ​away I ​am ​not ​the ​worst ​thing, ​i ​am ​the ​only ​one I ​am ​all ​to ​each ​man, ​another ​tongue ​to ​lie Destination ​knowledge, ​sight ​fixed, ​cross ​the ​yet unknown Without ​a ​word ​no ​memory ​no ​story ​told Cutting ​my ​teeth ​on ​the ​words Sick ​sweet ​copper ​taste Out ​of ​the ​fold Must ​have ​wandered ​away Now ​so ​enclosed Why ​must ​we ​write ​it ​down To ​see ​is ​to ​know
I ​have ​observed ​myself ​on ​earth As ​a ​transcendental ​nothing Slithered ​on ​my ​belly Scorched ​white ​trails ​into ​the ​sky Choices ​not ​mine, ​yet ​by ​them ​I ​am ​defined My ​faith ​is ​gone, ​yet ​by ​it ​I ​am ​defined New ​birth ​of ​mind, ​crafted ​by ​old ​mind’s ​demise Safety ​in ​faith, ​now ​without ​I’m ​in ​the ​wild Scower Wonderer Coward Wanderer
Sweet surveyor of chaos Wondering how it all fell How you crossed over lost in this wreckage Binding words have their way way to flourish Building a fire that burns To never fail Asking the world of myself Driving deeper these nails Introspective, incessant Always asleep at the helm Pine needle craver obsessive Stir the earth Shred the thicket to keep at hand Building ​a ​fire ​that ​burns To ​never ​fail Asking ​the ​world ​of ​myself Driving ​deeper ​these ​nails Without ​new ​growth Process ​is ​bloodshed Toast ​to ​new ​growth Out ​with ​the ​old ​ways Lean ​in Let ​me ​go Back ​to ​old Known ​wind Syphon ​thought Better ​off
worst ​cowering ​wretch i ​have ​disowned ​my ​own ​self sealed bound ​to ​to ​his ​bed just ​need ​some ​rest the ​nine ​of ​swords way ​down ​this line ​that ​i ​have ​painted bullheaded ​a ​fool nothing ​can ​save the ​distorted wash ​this ​brush of ​its ​pride On ​your ​knees Hands ​raw Crawl ​upwards Or ​stand ​up ​and ​walk hopeless spend ​all ​of ​today suspending ​belief like ​water hopeless so ​today suspend ​your ​beliefs like ​water
I could drink the bitter poison Flood my system With anger Senses focus Fuse my essence So pristine With black tourmaline Twist every Precious moment Into these Moments for Me Into these Moments of deceit Hands can drip with tar spirit of the sun clumsy from the weight sucked fingers to clean gums constrict tongue now sticks self polluted shoulders hung the young heart’s bright descent beaten by the years what little of the boy is left so this is growth to know that fear is with us pressure upon us a race to hold to show that we were something a story worth telling grasp at the past before we know that fear is with us pressure upon us


New Music Video for Cutting Teeth - www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jwpAcU383o


released February 2, 2018

Produced by Jesse Gander
Mastered by Stu McKillop


all rights reserved



Astrakhan Vancouver, British Columbia

NEW MUSIC VIDEO FOR CUTTING TEETH : www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jwpAcU383o

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